When everything is packed away

I am moving.

Everything is in a box.

I’m not talking only about my belongings – even though they are all in boxes as well.

I’m talking about my habits and beliefs.

I’m past the halfway mark in the altMBA and – I’ll be writing so much more about this in future blog posts – to sum it up for the sake of this story: HOLLY FORKING SHIRTBALLS MY BRAIN IS A MESS!

That feeling of fun chaos.

The constant mix of exhaustion and excitement.

The surprising moments when you open that closet you haven’t dared to look into for so long and rediscover a hundred things about yourself.

The feeling of emptiness and lightness when you walk around your empty home.

That is exactly what the altMBA feels like for me.

I feel like I’ve been going over and analyzing everything I have, all that I am.

Luckily I have people to help me pack – 131 to be exact.

I’m not quite done packing yet and I’m still living with the few belongings I can fit in a small backpack: the essential habits that make me who I am.

But, I’m excited for when the time comes to start unpacking.

I’m gonna redecorate my life only with the things (just like Marie Kondo says) “that make me smile!”

The rest can go to storage.

On a less subjective note

I used the moving analogy because it also relates to what is going on in my life.

My family has decided to move back to the apartment we used to live in before we moved to the small apartment downtown.

It’s not as big as the house in Jurerê, I won’t be able to ride my bike with Laurinha anymore, I won’t get to see my garden, I won’t be able to jump in the ocean at the break of dust and scream into the emptiness “GO MAKE A F* RUCKUS!” (yes, I did this everyday before altMBA meetings).

But I feel like this is the perfect timing for a change of sceneries and I’m excited to move back to Lagoa. When I walked into our old apartment my first thought was: “everything is so much smaller than I remember” and the next was “ahh, I’m finally home”.

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