What is a dream?

I talk so much about dreaming. Hell! I call myself the Hyperactive DREAMER. But I’ve never actually defined what I consider to be a dream.

The thing about this concept is that there’s so much stigma around it.

For most, it evoques an image of naiveness and childlessness. An escape from reality.

“I don’t have time for dreaming! I have real work to do!”

Well, let me burst your bubble.

Just like you can’t run away from sleeping (trust me, I have tried), you can’t suppress your innate ability to dream.

I met a really good friend the other day. After our amazingly long conversation – the kind that makes you feel lighter and inspired, that rewires your brain and stimulates creativity – as we were saying our goodbyes, he said:

Luisa, you have something special in you. I don’t think everyone has that.

You see, I don’t believe that to be true. We all have something bigger than ourselves inside of us, it’s just that not everyone recognizes it.

This culture we are immersed in – a cult of productivity, achievement, and measurement – has given us a way to disguise (and suppress) the act of dreaming.

We call them plans.

We go around constantly trying to plan the future. Always trying to anticipate the next minute, the next hour, the next year.

Don’t you realize that the way we create experiences is very similar to how an artist imagines a masterpiece?

And just like every artist struggles to recognize their own work, we always think we could have done more, done better.

But here’s what we must realize: a dream is different from a plan.

A plan is something that is laid out, step by step. There’s a clear line from point A to point B. And if point B is not reached, there’s disappointment.

A dream, however, lives in the thin line between expectation and reality. It’s not a pinpoint in the expected future, but a light-house that shines a path.

In order to truly achieve equanimity, we must recognize that the stories and the scenarios that we come up with in our heads were never linked to a true outcome. They weren’t something pre-written in the fabric of the universe.

And the simple fact that we have the capability to conjure such realities and the power to change the world – ever so slightly – and incline it towards our imagination is truly magical.

No matter the prestige or “quality “ of a painting, two things are certain:

  1. it it most definitely better than a white canvas, and
  2. the artist is the only one who can – and most likely will – have the instinct to question what it is. The one who will struggle the most to recognize that it’s exactly what it was always meant to be.

Stop questioning your urges to dream. Stop saying no to something that your heart is telling you to do just because it’s different from what worked yesterday or what you were told is going to work tomorrow.

Have the guts to “dream”.

Thank you for reading! 

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